About APSF


The formation of ASEAN Para Sports Federation APSF was mooted by the founding President of Malaysian Paralympic Council; Dato’ Zainal Abu Zarin back in the 1990s to look for a platform to facilitate sports for people with a disability. He met with officials from other ASEAN National Paralympic Committees (NPCs) and proposed the idea of establishing the ASEAN Para Games which will be held back to back with SEA Games. In May 2000, the APSF was formed during the 10th Malaysian Para Games to govern the Games. The Federation aims to support person with a disability at the ASEAN level through the promotion of friendship and solidarity through sports; by promoting and developing sports besides as a platform for rehabilitation and assimilating them into mainstream of the society

Formation of A.P.S.F

In 2001, Dato’ Zainal was elected as the 1st President of APSF and Malaysia took the lead by organising the 1st ASEAN Para Games in Kuala Lumpur. Since then, the Games patterned after the Paralympic Games; parallel sports event for people with a disability was held back-to-back to the SEA Games except for 2009 whereby due to many constraints, Malaysia took over from Laos to host the 5th ASEAN Para Games in Kuala Lumpur to ensure continuity of the Games. Dato’ Zainal held the helm of the APSF till 2015 and he passed the baton to Major-General Osoth Bhavilai (picture) of Thailand who won uncontested in Singapore. At the moment, APSF have 10 members-nation and a provisional member. (Timor Leste) The Federation is administered by an elected Executive Committee and governed by the Board of Governors represented by every NPC’s President.


The APSF logo depicts the ASEAN logo positioned in the centre with the symbol of the former International Paralympic symbols on top and the ‘APSF’ acronym at the bottom surrounded by a victory laurel.


A total of nine ASEAN Para Games (APG) had been celebrated since its inception in 2001. Malaysia had hosted the APG three times (in 2001, 2009 and 2017); more than any other member-nations while the Philippines had hosted once (in 2005), and is set to host its second Games in 2019. Brunei, Cambodia, Laos and Timor-Leste have yet to host their first ASEAN Para Games.


22 different sports have been part of the ASEAN Para Games at one point or another. 16 sports had been announced for the coming 2020 PHILIPPINES 10th ASEAN Para Games, which shall feature a new sports – Para Triathlon and the APSF approved Para Obstacle Course Race to be featured as a Demonstration Sports.

Paralympic Sports

Para Archery
Para Athletics
Para Badminton
Para Cycling
Football 5-a-Side
Football 7-a-Side
Para Judo
Para Powerlifting
Para Shooting
Para Swimming
Para Table Tennis
Para Triathlon
WC Basketball
WC Fencing
WC Tennis

Non-Paralympic Sports

Para Chess
Para Sailing
Para Tenpin Bowling
Para Obstacle Course Race