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APSF Members

National Paralympic Committees (NPCs) are national organizations
recognized by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) as the sole
representatives of athletes with an impairment from their respective countries.

The IPC currently has 179
NPCs, which are responsible for the entrance, management and team preparation
for the Paralympic Games and other IPC-sanctioned competitions.

10 of these NPCs fall under
the ASEAN Paralympic Sports Federation.

You can find further details about all NPCs by clicking on the
links below:

BRUNEI (BRU): – Paralympic Council Brunei Darussalam
CAMBODIA(CAM): – Paralympic Council Brunei Darussalam
INDONESIA(INA): – National Paralympic Committee of Indonesia
LAOS(LAO): – Lao Paralympic Committee
MALAYSIA(MAS): – Paralympic Council of Malaysia
MYANMAR(MYA): – Myanmar Paralympic Sports Federation
PHILIPPINES(PHI): – Philippine Paralympic Committee
SINGAPORE(SGP): – Singapore National Paralympic Council
THAILAND (THA): – Paralympic Committee of Thailand
TIMOR-LESTE(TLS): – https://www.paralympic.org/democratic-republic-timor-leste
VIETNAM(VIE): – Vietnam Paralympic Association